macroafricaintel | Africa FX Monthly – Apr 2017

By Rafiq Raji, PhD

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See performance of forecasts for March 2017.

Currency t=0

(31 Mar 2017/1 Apr 2017)

1 month

(31 Mar 2017)

South African Rand (USD:ZAR) 13.4 13.3
Nigerian Naira (USD:NGN) 314.0 317.0
Ghanaian Cedi (USD:GHS) 4.3 4.7
Kenyan Shilling (USD:KES) 103.0 104.7
Ugandan Shilling (USD:UGX) 3,615.0 3,603.0
Tanzanian Shilling (USD:TZS) 2,231.0 2,237.0
Ethiopian Birr (USD:ETB) 22.9 22.8
Mauritian Rupee (USD:MUR) 35.3 35.7
Namibian Dollar (USD:NAD) 13.4 13.3
Botswanan Pula (USD:BWP) 10.4 10.4
Zambian Kwacha (USD:ZMW) 9.7 9.7
US Dollar Index (DXY) 100.4 100.7

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