#Global #Markets | 26 Oct

By Rafiq Raji, PhD

25 Oct
2350GMT   Japan foreign bond investment (19 Oct) (act. JPY10.9B, prev. JPY271.1B)
2350GMT   Japan foreign stock investment (19 Oct) (act. JPY686.0B, prev. JPY841.8B)

26 Oct
0600GMT   Germany GfK consumer confidence (Nov-17) (est. 10.8, prev. 10.8)
0800GMT   Euro area M3 money supply (Sep-17) (est. 5.0% yy, prev. 5.0%)
0930GMT   South Africa producer inflation (Sep-17) (est. 4.9% yy, prev. 4.2%)
1145GMT     Euro area ECB interest rate decision (est. 0.0%, prev. 0.0%)
1230GMT    Euro area ECB press conference
1230GMT    US goods trade balance (Sep-17) (prev. $-62.94B)
1230GMT    US initial jobless claims (21 Oct) (est. 235K, prev. 222K)
1230GMT    US wholesale inventories (Sep-17) (prev. 0.9% mm)
1400GMT    US pending home sales (Sep-17) (est. 0.2% mm, prev. -2.6%)
1500GMT    US Kansas Fed manufacturing index (Oct-17) (prev. 22.0)

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