#Global #Markets | 15 Nov

By Rafiq Raji, PhD

14 Nov
2350GMT   Australia Westpac consumer confidence index (Nov-17) (act. 99.7, prev. 101.35)
2350GMT   Japan GDP growth (prel.) (Q3-17) (act. 0.3% qq, est. 0.3%, prev. 0.6%)
2350GMT   Japan GDP growth (prel.) (Q3-17) (annualised) (act. 1.4%, est. 1.3%, prev. 2.6%)

15 Nov
0430GMT   Japan Industrial production (final) (Sep-17) (est. 2.5% yy, prev. 5.3%)
0800GMT   Nigeria Inflation rate (Oct-17) (prev. 16.0%)
0930GMT   UK Unemployment rate (Sep-17) (est. 4.3%, prev. 4.3%)
1000GMT   Euro Area Trade balance (Sep-17) (prev. €16.1B)
1100GMT   South Africa Retail sales (Sep-17) (est. 4.5% yy, prev. 5.5%)
1330GMT   US Inflation rate (Oct-17) (est. 2.0% yy, prev. 2.2%)
1330GMT   US Retail sales (Oct-17) (est. 0.0% mm, prev. 1.6%)
1500GMT   US Business inventories (Sep-17) (est. 0.0% mm, prev. 0.7%)
1530GMT   US EIA crude oil inventories (10 Nov) (est. -2.200M, prev. 2.237M)

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