#Africa #Markets | 17 Nov

By Rafiq Raji, PhD
Follow me on Twitter @DrRafiqRaji and/or hashtags below for updates.

* ZIMBABWE – Military engaging Mugabe on way forward; refuses to resign [Deal would be reached in the end; how soon is only issue] #Zimbabwe #Politics #MilitaryTakeover

* KENYA – Supreme Court to rule on second presidential petition on 20 November. [Ruling could go either way] #Kenya #ElectionsKE #PPII

* SOUTH AFRICA – Zuma did not answer questions on cabinet changes or whether deputy president Ramaphosa could get the boot. [Risk remains the DP might be fired before December ANC conference] #SouthAfrica #ZumaQandA

* NIGERIA – Senate to start work on 2018 budget next week [A positive; could be passed before end-2017] #Nigeria #Budget2018

* UGANDA – President Museveni makes changes to Army leadership [M7 clearly taking lessons from comrade in Zimbabwe] #Uganda #Politics

* OIL – Norway SWF to divest from oil & gas stocks [Suggests gloomy view about sector; date to keep in mind for oil markets in general is 30 Nov when OPEC meets] #Norway #SWFs #Oil #OOTT #OPEC

* ANGOLA – Mild recovery seen by IMF, but macroeconomic challenges remain. [FX issues in particular] #Angola #IMF

* AFRICA – Debt servicing costs hit 16-year high, according to Fitch [To rise even more as African sovereigns rush to issue Eurobonds to finance ambitious budgets.] #Africa #Debt #Fitch

* LIBERIA – US embassy defends credibility of presidential poll [Signals to stakeholders need for haste on second round vote] #Liberia #LiberiaDecides

* CENTRAL BANKS – Monetary policy committee meetings to watch: Nigeria (20-21 Nov), South Africa (21-23 Nov), Zambia (22 Nov), Kenya (23 Nov), Ghana (24-27 Nov). [Forecasts to be published in macro weekly] #[Country] #MPC

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