#Global #Markets | 9 Mar

By Rafiq Raji, PhD
Twitter: @DrRafiqRaji

Time Data/Event Actual Previous Consensus
0000GMT Japan Average Cash Earnings YoY JAN 0.7% 0.7% 0.7%
0130GMT China PPI YoY FEB 3.7% 4.3% 3.8%
0130GMT China Inflation Rate MoM FEB 1.2% 0.6% 0.8%
0130GMT China Inflation Rate YoY FEB 2.9% 1.5% 2.5%
0200GMT China New Yuan Loans FEB CNY839.3B CNY2900B CNY900B
0200GMT China Outstanding Loan Growth YoY FEB 12.8% 13.2% 12.9%
0200GMT China M2 Money Supply YoY FEB 8.8% 8.6% 8.7%
0200GMT China Total Social Financing FEB CNY1787B CNY3060B
0300GMT Japan BoJ Interest Rate Decision -0.1% -0.1% -0.1%
0600GMT Japan Machine Tool Orders YoY FEB 48.8%
0700GMT Germany Industrial Production MoM JAN -0.6% 0.5%
0700GMT Germany Current Account JAN €27.8B
0700GMT Germany Balance of Trade JAN €18.2B
0930GMT UK Construction Orders YoY Q4 25.5%
0930GMT UK Construction Output YoY JAN -0.2% -0.5%
0930GMT UK Industrial Production MoM JAN -1.3% 1.5%
0930GMT UK Industrial Production YoY JAN 0.0% 1.8%
0930GMT UK Manufacturing Production MoM JAN 0.3% 0.2%
0930GMT UK Manufacturing Production YoY JAN 1.4% 2.8%
0930GMT UK Consumer Inflation Expectations Q1 2.9%
0930GMT UK Balance of Trade JAN £-4.896B
1130GMT India Foreign Exchange Reserves 2/MAR $420.59B
1300GMT UK NIESR GDP Est (3M) FEB 0.5% 0.3%
1330GMT US Manufacturing Payrolls FEB 15K 15K
1330GMT US Government Payrolls FEB 4K +
1330GMT US Non Farm Payrolls FEB 200K 200K
1330GMT US Unemployment Rate FEB 4.1% 4.0%
1330GMT US Nonfarm Payrolls Private FEB 196K 191K
1330GMT US Average Weekly Hours FEB 34.3 34.4
1330GMT US Average Hourly Earnings MoM FEB 0.3% 0.2%
1330GMT US Participation Rate FEB 62.7% 62.5%
1330GMT US Average Hourly Earnings YoY FEB 2.9% 2.8%
1500GMT US Wholesale Inventories MoM JAN 0.6% 0.7%
1800GMT US Baker Hughes Oil Rig Count 09/MAR 800

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