Macroafricaintel Investment LLC is an Africa-focused macro research and investment consultancy based in Lagos, Nigeria. We provide a frank and objective analysis of the social, political, and economic environment of business in Africa. We have local knowledge and have a firm grasp of international standards. Are you looking to invest in Africa? To avoid the mistakes of your competitors, you would need excellent research, due-diligence and advice. We can help. We also provide bespoke training services. (Contact us on | Email: enquiries@macroafricaintel.com | Twitter: @macroafrica )


  • Research
    • Economic
    • Industry
    • Market
  • Due-diligence
    • Private Equity
    • Investments
    • Divestments
  •  Advisory/Consulting
    • Financial
    • Business
  • Training
    • Macroeconomic Forecasting
    • Financial Modeling
    • Corporate Finance
    • Portfolio Management



Chief Economist
rafiq linkedin picture
Rafiq Raji, Ph.D.
Dr. Rafiq Raji is chief economist at Macroafricaintel Investment LLC, an Africa-focused macro research & investment consultancy based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is also an adjunct researcher at the NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies at Nanyang Business School, Singapore. Dr Raji is an avid writer, with his writings severally featured in prestigious publications like BusinessDay, Africa Investor, The Africa Report, African Business, New African and HowWeMadeItInAfrica. He was previously an Africa Economist at Standard Chartered Bank in London. Before joining the Global Research team at Standard Chartered, Dr. Raji worked with various teams at its Nigerian franchise; gaining experience in credit risk, asset & liability management, and capital markets. Rafiq was also previously Head, Advisory & Capital Markets for the securities brokerage arm of Nigeria’s Standard Alliance Group. Prior to that, he had investment banking stints with FBN Capital Limited, Vetiva Capital Management Limited and Africapital Management Limited; all in Lagos, Nigeria. Dr. Raji holds an MBA from the Lagos Business School, Nigeria and a PhD in Financial Economics from Wits Business School at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.  (Follow Rafiq on | Website: http://rafiqraji.com | LinkedIn: https://ng.linkedin.com/in/rafiqraji | Twitter: @DrRafiqRaji | Instagram: @rafiqraji )

Senior Adviser
Kalu Ojah, Ph.D.
Prof. Kalu Ojah is a Full Professor of Finance and Director of the Master in Finance & Investment programme at Wits Business School, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. He holds both PhD and MFn in Finance (Saint Louis, USA) and a BSc in Management/Economics (ORU, USA) degrees. He is a very active researcher with more than sixty peer-reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings to his name. Many of these articles appear in top-rated international journals with several of them winning awards, such as the McGraw-Hill/Irwin Distinguished Paper Award. He has been named in the Top 10% of Africa’s Economics Scholars, Top scholars boasting hundreds of citations by Google-Scholar, Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, and nominated for Who’s Who in Finance and Industry. He once served as Deputy Head of Wits Business School and Director of Research for about three years at Wits University’s School of Economic & Business Sciences. He also serves as a Resource Person for the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC). Prof Ojah is frequently invited by nationally and internationally distributed newspapers, radio and TV stations to provide expert views on contemporary financial economics issues.

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